22 5 / 2014

Other People’s Heartache Part 2 (mixtape) - Bastille

I have a problem. Ever since I saw Bastille live last month (just about a month ago, actually) I’ve been listening to All This Bad Blood non-stop. It’s the only album I listen to. And when I listen to the radio, I hear “Pompeii” or “Bad Blood” and then I end up turning off the radio to listen to the album.

Bastille, you are infectious.

And today, as I listened through “Previously on Other People’s Heartache” I decided to research a lyric I didn’t recognize. And that lead me to the three parts of the magical “Other People’s Heartache”.

I love the inclusion of movie clips transitioning in and out of songs, and I love the re-construction of cover songs and even their own songs. It was so interesting to get the feel of a song, then recognizing the lyrics before realizing, “HEY, IT’S SIA’S TITANIUM he is singing— what the what?!And even hearing snippets of Bastille songs worked into covers/mashups in unexpected ways. Gaah. I love Dan Smith and Bastille even more after tonight.

Here are Part 1 and Part 3. I wish I knew where to find copies or download these. 

07 4 / 2014

There Is No Other Time - Klaxons

07 4 / 2014

Listen to: Sugar We’re Going Down (by Fall Out Boy) by Sparrow Sleeps

It’s an adorable lullaby version…

06 4 / 2014

All By Myself (Live) - Eric Carmen

Taken from this NPR blog post.

Sure, the song is cheesy but the fact that he incorporates classical in it.. WHAT. WHAT?! That’s flipping awesome.

06 4 / 2014

Lithium(cover) - St. Vincent
Originally by Nirvana


05 4 / 2014

Friend link.
Sakura Nagashi (cover) - Paul Carter
Originally by Utada Hikaru

30 3 / 2014

Mr. Curiosity - Jason Mraz

30 3 / 2014

Playing God - Paramore

"Don’t hold me to it," said a coworker earlier today. She is trustworthy, and I won’t hold whatever she said to against her. But when she said that this song was in my head and stayed there. I remember those days when I felt enough animosity toward a coworker to direct this song to.

30 3 / 2014


What Would You Do (cover) - Bastille
Originally by City High

Nostalgia! I loved this song when it first came out. 

23 3 / 2014

Cheerleader - St. Vincent

By the way, I did get to see her when she was in town. She was amazing!!!!