12 9 / 2014

Never Let Me Go - Judy Bridgewater

Just finished that movie, and the song stuck with me. There was some decent acting, but what made this movie was towards the end. Andrew Garfield.

12 9 / 2014

Walk in the Sun (live) - McFly

11 9 / 2014

Chasing Cars (cover) - Ed Sheeran
Originally by Snow Patrol

Looper pedal. Ed Sheeran. Talent. I listened to this over and over Monday morning. You amaze me, Ed!

11 9 / 2014

Treasure (cover) - Eliza Doolittle
Originally by Bruno Mars

Did I mention I love the Radio 1 Live Lounge? I’m in one of those moods. I discovered this one and loved it. Saaang it, Eliza.

08 8 / 2014

Phoenix - Fall Out Boy

In honor of seeing them in concert with Paramore tonight. Yup, that’s right.. in Phoenix. I am fired up. PUT ON YOUR WAR PAINT.

05 8 / 2014

Forget Me Not - The Civil Wars

Boooo at breakups.

01 8 / 2014

Somewhere, Someday - *N Sync

What a strange coincidence to feel *N Sync nostalgia only to find out a week later that this *Essentials* album dropped. It’s cool to see not only their singles on the tracklisting, but also tracks from movie soundtracks and other sorts of collaborations. I remember this one in particular was on the Pokemon movie soundtrack. *nerd*

31 7 / 2014

Cool Kids - Echosmith

I feel so angsty singing along to this. But I think everything in this song is so put-together: Sydney’s vocals along with the beat and the backing music. 

30 7 / 2014

Electric Lady - Janelle Monae

So excited to see something new from Janelle!! An Electric Lady dance party is a great way to start my morning! I also love the cameos in this. 

29 7 / 2014

I Heard I Had - Dear Rouge

Some friends of mine in Toronto were going to a music festival that featured this band. I wanted to live vicariously through my friends so I thought I could listen to the band to be closer to them. I was pleasantly surprised. I’m sure I would’ve had a fun time dancing to this band live!!